The edge of the sword

feature film

The story - based on real events - recalls the struggle of the first Hungarian fencing team for their participation in the Olympic games; a fight, that became a symbol of the much desired Hungarian independence, while also reinforcing the nation's self-awareness and pride. Emperor Franz Joseph does not approve of the participation of Austro-Hungarian army officers in the Hungarian fencing league. Daring not to ask high ranking officers to abandon their uniforms in exchange for an uncertain success, an enthusiastic sports leader attempts to recruit talent from the despised, second-tier civil league.

Thus, with tremendous controversy, different interests, immense dissension and irreconcilable personal passions at play, and amidst the burden of social and religious oppositions, the Olympic fencing team of 1908 is formed; made up of three lawyers, a dentist and a jurist.

The team birthed by conflicts, finally conquering over numerous inner and outer obstacles, vanquishes, and led by Jenő Fuchs (the singles-competition winner after a dramatic struggle), scores the much yearned Olympic victory for the Hungarian fencing team.