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2015 12th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival – Best Stop-motion /Gyurmók-Let’s Do Battle/
2011 Golden Effie /MinDig TV Extra - Useless channels/
2010 Kamera Hungaria 1st Prize in the Entertainment programmes 2 category /Beugró, tv show/
2007 Silver Effie /SOS Children’s Village Hungarian Association - 1%/
2006 59. Cannes Film Festival, 3rd prize in the Cinefondation category /The Virus, short film/
2006 2nd Prize in the Exam Film Festival of the University of Drama and Film
2006 Special Prize of the Student’s Jury of the 37th Hungarian Film Survey /Melletted, short film/
2006 RMB Hungary – Sanoma Budapest Prize 2nd Prize /Suzuki Swift – Portrait/
2006 Golden Blade Commercial Film Festival 1st Prize /Suzuki Swift – Portrait/
2006 Hypnosis 2006 Commercial Film Festival of Creative Magazine, 1st Prize /Soproni – 110 Years/
2004 Silver Effie /Suzuki Ignis – Through Fire, through water/
1998 Diplom of Cannes Survey of Commercial Films /Matáv – The dog’s dinner/
1997 The 100 funniest TVCs of the world - BBC /Matáv – The Dog’s Dinner/